Looking For House Cleaning Services in Oakland, CA?

Does your home or office in Oakland need a little TLC? Are you looking for that special touch that’s often missing from your typical on-call house cleaning service? Look no further than Lotus Cleaning in Oakland. Lotus Cleaning Services provides unparalleled home and office cleaning services throughout Oakland, CA. At Lotus, we send the same cleaning team leader to you space every time, so they understand your personal preference and exactly what your space needs. Plus, our Lotus Cleaners are very experienced, extensively trained, and easy to communicate with. From down by the zoo, to West Oakland, to up in the hills; no matter where you are in Oakland, we can bring our top-notch cleaning services right to your door!  Lotus Cleaning is bonded, licensed, and backed with excellent references that are available upon request!

Environmentally Conscious House Cleaning in Oakland

Since 2006 Lotus Cleaning has provided eco-friendly house cleaning throughout Oakland. We’re certified green by Alameda County, and we believe it’s important to use the least-toxic and earth friendly cleaning products possible. We pride ourselves on providing Oakland-based cleaning services that are well regarded and responsibly green. For your convenience, our technicians bring all of their own supplies, including a high-quality CRI Green Label certified vacuum. No matter what sort of space you need to have cleaned, we’ll keep your home or office chemical free and sparkling.

A Cleaning Service That Works with Your Schedule

No matter what sort of service you have in mind, a weekly cleaning, a one-time deep clean, or anything in between, Lotus will work with you to make sure we meet your needs! We’ll work with your schedule and customize our service to suit your preference perfectly. If you’re looking for a top notch house cleaning services in any part of Oakland, then look no further; Lotus Cleaning is the top Bay Area maid service.

Whether you’re in Glenview, Lake Merritt, or Rockridge, we’re here to provide the most outstanding office or home cleaning services in the Oakland, CA area.

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